Approaches to Listening #1


listened to GRIPPERS NOTHER ONESERS – HIGHWAY NIGHTSTALKER ADVENTURE and clicked through every related video with the lowest viewcount for a while. rules:
• No loading more suggestions.
• No same artist twice in a row.
• No song twice.
• Click the related video with the lowest playcount.

Island’s Eyelids – Pelican Praises Its Prey
my favourite here. reminds me of donkey kong or big beat music from when I was little.
Endless Endless Endless – Washes
not so great, sounds like OPN a bit. meek
Eachothers – Happy Endings
interesting, sounds like album cover. try to imagine how the cover describes the song.
Red Electric Rainbow – Boredom in Paradise (Side A)
liked more when the arpeggiated synths came in, appreciated but never loved. end is nice.
Waterside Gala – Wandering Away
sounds like a pond. chinese garden, nighttime festival. beautiful
Interaccion – Insomnio
nuclear zone, computer dump. radioactive street punx, revolutionary front. prowling the streets
Sandoz Lab Technicians – Festival of Vapours
entomology. dirt. malfunctioning equipment. geology. mapping the underground. roadside desert.
Kraus – Let Me Eat Cake
sounds like OPN in a good way. doesn’t sound like opn. not computers – alien voices. nighttime abduction. new rule – no same release.
Nautical Almanac – Clump Clump
primitive buskers mutate from broken animatronics workshop on abandoned dockside
Conventum – Le Commerce Nostalgique
jaga jazzist. king crimson. spanish spies. two kinds of music populate low viewcount youtube – dead folk bands and experimental electronic outfits
Ous Mal – Kaupunkeja
dead folk band breeds with electronic experimental outfit. alpine forest lake. album cover. nature film. harp
Magnificent Crumb – Outside the Vacuum
indie-ish seaborne obsession. stopping here. jaga jazzist. mystical ninja. spy vs. spy


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