What are diaspora? People separated from their homeland who don’t fully settle into a new homeland? They only integrate into other places provisionally and they think that one day they’ll be reunited with everyone else from whom they were separated, maybe in their first homeland and maybe somewhere else.


The “maybe somewhere else” is incredibly important. There is no such thing as a fixed homeland, because the homeland is the result of occupying space with a diaspora. The diaspora are not the result of a homeland, the homeland is a result of the diaspora.


I am eternally foreign. I dream of a homeland which never exists. I dream of a kingdom.


I wonder what the difference is between someone who integrates themselves into a new community and someone who retains that sense of being foreign? Irreducibly foreign! Foreignness is a really interesting concept. If you wanted to understand diaspora you’d have to understand what it means to have a homeland. Israel’s an incredibly interesting example of a newly constituted homeland, and I think people come up with the idea of a homeland before a homeland exists.


Homelands are all in your brain – that doesn’t make them any less real though, just differently real. Probably more real. I think you can be a diaspora without ever having had a homeland. In fact I’d say all homelands are constituted in the process of ‘return’.


Recognition is only the effect of being tricked into thinking something existed before you though of it. Return is the process of convincing yourself a place preceded your arrival. Like any other idea, place is constituted in the process of arrival. You can’t arrive at a place without it first having congealed in your head. There is no place without the potential of arrival at a place, and with the sense of arrival a golden point of gravity to which you are drawn. Arrival is the Golden Point – the pilgrimage precedes the arrival, the homeland follows. In the arrival, the homeland explodes into being.


It’s like how some conservatives talk about a return to the Golden Age when the Golden Age never existed – they’re just painting a picture of the future they want and projecting it onto the past. Trueness = Oldness.


Hideous frustration at the fact that I can only motivate myself to write when I’m writing to someone else. Why is that? I think the process of opening yourself up to another person destabilises you – flows volatilise and become turbulent. Strange new forms emerge from the chaos that is you. Energy is captured, expended, depleted and you crystallise into a new, more stable whole. This is why we talk about “chemistry” between people – there is an infinitely variable periodic table of human elements ranging across infinite axes. An infinite amount of perfectly unique elements interacting in infinitely variable capacities – every combination is unique. There are bonds between people, bonds in the truest sense of the word, which expresses the chemical and the social.


I am not using a chemical metaphor for the social, nor am I using a social metaphor for the chemical. I am using the Image of bond which is neither and both.


Flows well – “Strange forms emerge from the chaos of you.” It has the golden ratio, shrinking gradually. 7 5 6 4 3 5 2 3.

…A kingdom of me.


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